Evolution and Google Calendar

Evolution now has a Google calendar provider.  This means that I can see my google calendar and add/edit/delete events through Evolution.  This is a great feature and really easy to set up.

Go to File->New->Calendar and the New Calendar dialog will open.


Select Google from the Type dropdown.  Enter your google username and password.  The default refresh is 30 minutes.  I changed it to 15 minutes becuse I use my calendar for many events.  Using SSL if you travel and are often on unsecured wireless systems.

A little tip* enter your username and password before you attempt to pick which Google calendar you are going to use, especially if you are not going using your default calendar.

The color option is for the color of the items as they appear on your calendar.  This is handy if you have multiple calendars and want to distinguish the items.  I clicked the “Mark as default calendar” option so that any new appointments are by default added to the google calendar.